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Hello world!

Welcome to the personal blog… So yeah, Let’s begin by modifying the default iconic WordPress post. Now one of the most frustrating things about writing There, is being restricted to editing standards and all of these annoying stuff.

I couldn’t simply grab the phone and start blogging about those ideas and thoughts crossing by, as I had to go and edit each post I made, organize it, and trying to put it together in professional way, that meets editing standards. And with time, I just became lazy whenever it comes to making a blog post, so I end up “kasir al7nk”. In addition, also we couldn’t write our own opinions and thoughts there, because  in general, publishing articles at does not involve self opinions and thoughts, instead it should reflect the vision and standards of the portal.

That’s why I needed a free space, where I can just quickly put down whatever I want, without being bounded and having to go through all of this process. Also in addition, being able to customize and tweak this space however I want.

So like the descriptions says, I will probably be blogging about tech mostly (thoughts, “how to”s,.. etc), but every now then there may be posts about various topics.

Finally, but not last, if you would like, you can follow on Twitter, this way you get all future updates and blog posts when they get published.



Studying Dentistry ● Editor and Social Media manager at™ ● Interested in Technology, Blogging, Design, and Filmmaking.